Publication Ethics

Research Related Human Subjects:

  • When publishing research involving human material, data, tissues, and subjects, authors must state that the study was conducted under the Declaration of Helsinki of 1975, as updated in 2008 (
  • Before carrying out the study, as per point 23 of this statement, approval from an institution's ethical committee must have been acquired. At least you should mention the title number, approval date, and name of the ethics council or institutional review board.
  • An example of a moral assertion: "Before participating in the research, all individuals provided their informed agreement for participation." Research completed in unity with the Helsinki Declaration and the procedure authorized by the Ethics Board of XXX (Project Identification Number: XXXX) on XXXX
  • You will send a copy of the association's ethics board certificate with the manuscript.
  • You need to explain that data regarding individual participants' personal information should remain confidential. Participants will be banned. Their recognizable resources are suitable for the study (for example, images of individuals' features that illustrate a specific symptom). In this case, a written consent form will acquire. Our editors have the authority to refuse any proposal that fails to meet the mentioned criteria
  • You will provide written consent forms before publishing from participating patients in your research article. Prior or other personal information of patients must not see in photos. Before submitting to our journal, authors must acquire written consent from patients (or their families/caregivers) for any claim of details, private information, and pictures of patients. Patient information will disguise as viable; for example, if age, race, or profession are irrelevant to the results, they should not comprise
  • You may also offer a comprehensive reason why written permission is not required. For publishing in our journal, a consent or update form can include an unrestricted permit for publishing across all file formats (such as hard copy, digital, and online), throughout sublicensed and copied versions (such as references and sources), and in other appears to work and product lines under freely available permit. To ensure the security of patients or other individuals, kindly don't just mail signed forms. The publication has the option to approve documents from authors if required

Publication Ethics Statement:

Era of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Journal (EPRJ) will execute strict ethical guidelines, peer-review procedures, and academic publication criteria for high-quality scientific outcomes. All authors who want to publish their articles or research papers must read the following:

  • If we detect any potential variance in the author's conflict of interest, we will refuse that article before submitting it
  • All the authors will illustrate their research conclusions accurately and maintain a precise discussion about the importance of their results
  • You need to describe the components of the data and methods used in your research so that other researchers can copy it
  • Currently, you cannot submit your manuscripts to more than one journal
  • You can’t republish any content that is already published in another language
  • If you encounter any mistakes after publication, you must immediately share them with the journal editors. They can take proper action about it

Don't use any information in your manuscript that has already been published. If you contain already published images, tables, points, and figures, you need approval from the copyright admin to publish them under the CC-BY license