Prevalence of fall among geriatrics-A Systematic review

Prevalence of fall


  • Maria Shakoor
  • Iqra Ikram


prevelance, fall, geriatrics


Objective: The objective of this review was to conclude the findings of multiple studies on prevalence of falls among geriatrics.

 Methodology: This systematic review had done by searching on Google Scholar, PubMed, HEC digital library PEDRO, Cochrane library, Medline, web of science and Scopus databases and search engines from 2000 to 2020. All the literature was searched with MESH terms and key word prevalence, risk factors, fall, community older dwelling, older adults and elderly etc. After keen screening only 12 studies fall in inclusion criteria. quality assessment of included articles were assessed by AXIS Tool designed for observational cross-sectional studies.

Results: The smallest sample group was in Almeida L et al in 2019, study done in Brazil with 211 participants (1). The largest sample size was in Chang VC et al in 2015 study done in Canada with 14881 participants (2). In all of studies, lowest prevalence was showed in Pu-Lin Y et al study done in 2009(3). The highest prevalence was reported in Sotoudeh GR et al study done in 2018(4).

Conclusion: It is concluded that prevalence of fall among older people is very high and related to many other risk factors intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Keywords: Prevalence, fall, community older dwelling adults

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